A Glance at Week #3

After another fun hike the day before, cabins competed in another "keem" activity on Monday. This week, the counselors dressed in all black and taped glow sticks on their backs to form different shapes. Cabins had to memorize the shapes and who was wearing each one. Though it was difficult, the campers had fun watching the light show!

On Tuesday, cabins competed in another "beg". The theme was mystery and the cabins had to figure out what happened to a missing camper. They had interviews with his cabin mates, counselors, kitchen ladies, and even his girlfriend! They discovered that he had been thrown out of camp because he put gumballs in the borscht!!


On Thursday, the counselors aided the cabins by lighting their fires for them in Varka. Once each cabin had their fire lit, they had to boil their water and make a soup. This week, every cabin made a super tasty soup that had the counselors begging for more!

At last came Friday, the campers were excited to be a part of the third week "Ball." This year the cabin leaders had planned out a "Club Luxe" theme in which they renovated the barn into a dance club for the campers. As soon as anyone set foot into the barn they were amazed at how awesome the decorations were for this event! The dancing lasted all night long! the kitchen even made a delicious treat for all of the clubs "visitors."

With the week coming to an end there was just one more day until the Vladimirovo festival. Campers had been working hard all week long in preparation for the major event. Their energy levels were high and they were excited to be able to perform for their families and friends. But less did the campers know that they would be pulled away from their practices during the day for a while. The counselors had surprised them with a shaving cream war by the lake. There were two sides (Boys vs Girls) and at the end of it all everyone was covered in so much foam! from afar it looked like everyone was wearing white t-shirts. The best part about all of this is that they all had big smiles on their faces the whole time!

This past Sunday, we celebrated Vladimirovo Day with a ceremonial parade followed by the Vladimirovo Program. Campers performed two dances choreographed by one of our very own cabin leader Yulia Kornikova. Mladshie (campers 12 and under) danced to a Russian song called "Я за то люблю Ивана." Starshie (campers 13 and over) performed a gypsy dance to the song "Мaхнатый шмель." Finally, the cabin leaders and nachalstvo choreographed a march to “Shagom Marsh” by Lube. After the program, campers spent some free time with their parents and relatives swimming in the lake and picnicking on camp grounds. Despite the heat wave campers and parents all enjoyed a fun filled Sunday at Lost Lake.