A Glance at Week #4

On Monday, we had the big hike. As a camp, we walked 8 miles. After we completed the first leg of the hike, campers had the opportunity to walk an extra 4 miles. The whole camp is excited to receive a hiking badge on the last day of camp.

Tuesday was a jam packed day. Campers participated in slip-n-slide kickball, varka, and keem. During slip-n-slide kickball, campers were slipping and sliding to each base. For varka, counselors set up a carnival game where the smallest camper in each cabin had to throw a ball in a bucket that had a certain advantage assigned to it. For example, some of the cabins won help from counselors and extra sticks, cabin leaders played a game where they had to get to the center of a tootsie pop without using their hands. 

For keem, campers played a game of "spot the difference." 4 of the counselors dressed up, showed themselves, changed subtle things about their outfits, then showed themselves again. The goal was for the campers to be able to utilize their recollection of memory for the very last keem.

On Wednesday, campers woke up early to complete the mile swim. Some campers swam 1/2, 1 mile, and up to 3 miles!! After the swim, counselors held a camp wide Olympics! There was a potato sack race, a hula hoop game, and many more. At the "closing ceremony", each team was given a candy bar medal based on their ranking. In the end everyone was a winner! 

On Thursday, counselors scheduled the final the final beg. Unfortunately due to weather, campers couldn't participate. To replace beg, cabins competed in "burn the rope." in this activity, cabins must build fires high enough to burn through a rope that is tied across their fire pit. At night, we had a special event called "Русский Ужин." Campers dressed up for a amazing meal consisting of traditional Russian food such as stuffed cabbage rolls, pelmeni, shashlik (kebab), and drinks like kvas were served. The counselors served the camp while wearing traditional Russian attire.

On Friday, the winning cabins went to town to enjoy an afternoon away from camp. They had pizza, ice cream, and watched a movie. At night, campers had lots of fun at the final dance. Though campers were sad to say goodbye to their friends, they had a lot of fun dancing the night away in the barn!