Within our camp we have established an organizational system that consists of different leadership roles that are vital to the success of how we run the camp session. 

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Начальник (Nachalnik)

Each week during the Camp session, we typically have a different Camp Director (Nachalnik), who has extensive knowledge about Camp and has held various leadership positions during previous camp sessions, leads the day to day operations of the Camp.  Each Saturday during Camp, a new nachalnik arrives and runs the camp with the help of his/her nachalstvo. 

Начальство (Nachalstvo) 

Counselors (Nachalstvo) in each camp (boys and girls) attend Camp to help run the month long session in conjunction with the Nachalnik. Traditionally, there is a "Head of Girls Camp" and a "Head of Boys Camp" who is in charge of their respective camps. There are also other nachalstvo who assist the heads of each camp. 

Звеньевой (Zvenyevoy) 

Cabin Leader (Zvenyevoy) oversees a specific cabin throughout the camp session. Each camper will be assigned to a cabin.  The Zvenyevoy is the leader who is responsible for taking care of everyone within his or her assigned cabin for the camp session.

Помощник (Pomoshnik)

Cabin Leader Assistants are entry-level leadership positions and are assigned to one camper in each cabin who act as the key helper for the cabin leader (and acts as Cabin Leader in his/her absence).

FAQ about Leadership and Rank