Looking Back at Week #3

Our camp has some amazing traditions that have been passed down year after year. One of the camp favorites is to barbeque on the beach. This annual camp picnic is a great time for campers to sit back, relax, and enjoy their evening. The evening was filled with joy and laughter while cabins waited for hamburgers fresh right off the grill. The campers enjoyed to swim and play limbo while the music played in the background. After prayers, the kids feasted on the beach and socialized with their friends. It was a heartwarming sight to see when all the campers were socializing with their friends!

On Sunday, we celebrated Vladimirovo Day with the annual ceremonial parade. Afterwards the campers proceeded with the Vladmirovo Program. The campers performed various dances as well as a few musical numbers. After the program, the campers were free to spend the evening with their parents and relatives. Some picnicked on the camp grounds while others went for a swim on the beach. Despite the heat wave, and the small tad of rain, the campers and parents enjoyed their evening together at ORPR Camp.

After a long week of preparation for the Vladimirovo program, the entire camp gathered in the evening at the cafeteria for a pizza party. The campers enjoyed their favorite pizzas and the company of one another.