Initiative on Awards, Medals, Badges, and Uniforms.

 There have been many different Medals and Badges awarded in the history of ORPR. The cataloging of these awards will be an ongoing process. It is from this library of medals and badges that a new permanent and consistent set of badges and medals may be designed. If any member of ORPRAA may possess medals and badges, please send in photos and descriptions of these items. 

Over the past few years, uniform protocol has gotten loose and in some areas ambiguous. Please send in all information you may have on uniform protocol for both Nachalniks and Campers. From the compilation of this information we will be able to recreate historically honest standards and diagrams for current and future campers to use.

Please submit all information through the Historic Forum Submission page

If you have any information that you would like to submit, and are not already in ORPRAA please join here!  

Welcome to the ORPR Historic Forum

ORPR is an organization that is over half a century old. As generations of campers have come and gone its history and traditions have been protected by people that have been at camp since its opening. As time passes it is important that we document all of our traditions and history from primary sources ( you the alumni) so we can ensure that ORPR remains genuine for the future youth.

The ORPR Historic Preservation Forum is an effort established by ORPRAA. Its goal is for members of ORPRAA to submit all information they may have about ORPR from when they were involved in camp. These stories can be anything from recalling old camp protocol and procedure (i.e. marching commands), to personal experiences and memories. This also includes the gathering of whatever photographs or documents members may have from their time at camp and camp related events.

Submissions are accepted here. And will be published on this page. To ensure the validity of submissions only members of ORPRAA may submit recollections, a password will be given to all members upon sign-up so they may access the submission page.