During the camp session, there is a series of weekly activities in which campers participate. While these activities may occur weekly, the activities associated with them are constantly changing.  The activities become more challenging over the duration of the month, as the campers develop pathfinder skills to overcome unknown obstacles as a team.


This is a memory game that will test the campers recollection of their senses, as well as their ability to communicate with one another.


The campers are trained and tested on their ability to successfully light a fire and cook a meal as a team.


Cabin Leaders navigate their cabins through the woods. Campers observe and record their surroundings as they go through a unique obstacle course filled with hidden objects and unlikely characters.


A weekly hike consisting of a total of 4 miles around the camp property.  These weekly hikes also serve as a primer to the "long hike" which is typically held during the 4th week of Camp.


Campers gather around a large bonfire and present theatrical skits to one another and also participate in singing Russian folk songs.