Thank you to all those who attended the ORPR 2018 "RUSSIAN BALL"! And a special thank you to all of the volunteers. Without your dedication and hard work none of this would be possible. 


 Feb 11 and 13, 1903 Winter Palace, St. Petersburg

Feb 11 and 13, 1903 Winter Palace, St. Petersburg


PLace, Date, and time

The 2018 "Russian Ball" will be held at the Church Hall of Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral in Des Plaines, IL. It will take place 4/13/2018 ( bright Friday) with doors opening at 7PM. 


Minimum attendance Age

The minimum age to attend the ball is 14. All youth under the age of 18 must come accompanied by an adult. 

Event theme

The theme for the 2018 "Russian Ball" is Medieval Rus. The Church Hall will be decorated to bring guests into the era of pre-Petrine Rus. We encourage guests to dress in period attire. There will be a costume contest towards the end of the evening and a "Duke" and a "Duchess" will be selected.



The evening will be filled with traditional Russian and Ukrainian dance, traditional Folk music, and other performances. Towards the end of the event, the floor will be open for dancing.


This years raffle will be the greatest yet! With extravagant prizes worthy of the Russian aristocrat in you.

Sponsorship Opportunities

This year we are offering many different options to potential sponsors. If you would like to advertise your business to the growing Russian, Eastern European, and Orthodox Christian community in the area. This is the perfect event to do so.

Various advertising and promotional incentives are available for businesses and private parties alike who are invited to participate in sponsoring the 2018 Russian Ball.

More information on sponsorship is available here.


Early bird tickets will be available till March 31st.